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A Unique Experience To Be Acomplished

with A Rainforest Specialist.

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A Century Old Federal Forest Reserve.

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A Unique And Irreplaceable Tropical Jewel.

Book Tour TODAY! > offer the best rates and services for Private and Group Tours all over Puerto Rico. We have been doing this for years delivering the best experience and enjoyment to many satisfied clients. Our drivers are Certified and Bonded by the Public Service Comission of Puerto Rico .

We also have United States Forest Services permits and license required .

La Coca Waterfall
El Yunque,Puerto Rico
Rainforest Lizard
El Yunque,Puerto Rico
Fauna y Flora
Rainforest,Puerto Rico
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Coqui Frog

The Coquí is a small 'singing' tree frog found nowhere else in the world. The frog population in the rain-forest is one of the densest frog populations in the world. There are 14 species of the tiny Coqui, the 'song' is the mating call and starts every afternoon, increasing in volumn with rainfall.

Puertorican Parrot

There are about 85 Puerto Rican Parrots birds left and they are all in the El Yunque rainforest and in the Rio Abajo Parrot program. The Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery program has had some success in increasing their numbers. There were only 20 birds left in 1989 after Hurricane Hugo .

Lobster Claws

These Lobster Claws or Heliconia are one of the two similar heliconias endemic to the rainforest. Fairly common. They will adapt and thrive anywhere in Puerto Rico that has sufficient moisture. Often found naturally near a stream. The other endemic heliconia has greenish edges, instead of red.

San Pedrito

'San Pedrito' (little Saint Peter) is the local name for this tody that lives throughout Puerto Rico. If you hear the chirp of one, you can be sure there is another one close by. They flit through the forests in pairs. Very tiny, they make their nests in holes dug into steep dirt banks.

About us

As a tour specialist, we provide the easy way to visit the rainforest "El Yunque" in Puerto Rico and other important and popular atractions in the Island like the Zipline Adventure, the Bio Bay Kayaking Adventure, the Amazing Camuy River Cavers, Old San Juan and Bacardi Destillery factory and New San Juan tour as well as other atractions in the Island. You ask for it, and we provided!

You can create your own set of tours and combos at any time . Please see our other tours seccion.

Our Pledge

Our Mission

To make your visit to the rainforest an unforgetable one with the best experience and enjoyment possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best experience as a rainforest specialists tour guides in Puerto Rico.

Our Value

Honesty, Fairness and Commitment to provide Excellent Service .

Our Guarantee

VIP service, best prices and puntuality .