Zipline Adventure


Toro Verde (316 acres) located in the lush mountains of Orocovis, Puerto Rico is the largest Eco Adventure Park of it’s kind in the world! The Toro Verde’s peaks, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and trails provide an ideal setting for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. The Park offers the most extensive system of Zip Line Tours in the Caribbean. Thrill seekers can enjoy zipline tours from the 797 feet long "Thunderbird", a medium speed run 213 feet above the ground to the exhilarating "Flight of the Phoenix" that allows you to soar 623 feet above the ground for a distance of 2526 feet.

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Bio Bay Kayaking


One of the most spectacular sights on a night trip in Caribbean waters is to witness hundreds of tiny star-like bioluminescent plankton scintillating like a starry sky as you move through the dark water. Wave your paddle through the water in front of you, and be mesmerized by the tiny glowing specs of plankton or Dinoflagellates which are tiny unicellular marine plankton also known as fire plants. Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay is one of few scattered around Puerto Rico – and one of the last that remain on the planet! Experience this rare phenomenon of nature as you glide through the tranquil “Laguna Grande” surrounded by mangroves and teeming with sea life above and below the still water.

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Old San Juan


Discover the atmospheric streets, amazing architecture and intriguing history of one of the best-preserved Spanish colonial cities in the world on this half-day Old San Juan tour. During your 5-hour visit, you’ll view the amazing art and artifacts of the Museo de las Américas, get a chance to explore the 500-year-old San Cristobal Fort and experience the architectural landmarks that give this storied neighborhood its unique charm. Your sightseeing tour also includes entrance fees, professional guide and round-trip transportation from select hotels in San Juan.

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Bacardi Destillery

You don't need to be a fan of rum to enjoy touring Casa Bacardi, the largest rum distillery in the world. That's because the Bacardi family have made their free tour interesting enough for any visitor to enjoy. And I'm not talking about the two free samples of a Bacardi cocktail at the end. The tour take you into the heart of an empire, and relates a story of a family, and a spirit, that have left an indelible footprint in the Caribbean.They've been conducting tours since 1962, an almost 50-year tradition of showing visitors.

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Camuy Caverns

camuy caverns

Come and enjoy Río Camuy Cave Park, one of the largest such sites in the world. The caves, sculpted by the underground river from which it derives its name, were only discovered in 1958 and haven’t yet been fully surveyed. The most accessible part is Cueva Clara. Descending into this subterranean chamber, pierced by shafts of sunlight, lined with luxuriant ferns and echoing with bat screeches, is an unforgettable experience.Back on ground level you can peer into the enormous Tres Pueblos Sinkhole or set off on a walking trail to explore more of this thickly-forested area.

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Arecibo Observatory


The Arecibo Observatory has earned a reputation as the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. It features the William E. Gordon telescope as well as a visitor and public outreach center and scientific research community. As more than 1,000 feet in size, it is the world’s biggest single aperture telescope. It is known also as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) and is run largely by the National Science Foundation. It was constructed in the mid-1960s in the space left in the ground from a karst sinkhole.

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Light House Park


Located on the North Coast of Puerto Rico, 34 miles West of San Juan. This was the last lighthouse built by the Spanish government in 1898. The style of construction is neo-classical with a rectangular shape of 40'4" (12.30 mts) wide by 84'2" (25.64 mts) long, and has attached a hexagonal tower covered by a bronze dome with a working lantern. The original lens was a third order Fresnel, with an 18 mile radius. At the present time it has a 190mm lens with a white flash every 5 seconds. It is also known as "Morrillo's Lighthouse" because it is located on top of a rocky mountain known as "Punta Morrillo". In the interior of the lighthouse, you will be able to observe artifacts found at the bottom of the ocean, a 1910 diving suit, a replica of the US Constitution and on its wall literature relating to the history of the Arecibo Lighthouse and the Spanish-American War.

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Window Cave

Ascend the beautiful limestone karsts of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo region to visit the clifftop cave of Cueva Ventana on this 5.5-hour guided tour from San Juan. Rappel down inside the cave, your flashlight revealing all manner of strange creatures like bats and spiders, plus Taíno petroglyphs along the way. Hear information about the cave’s origins from your guide and admire views of the Caribbean Sea from one of the cave’s window-like openings. This underground exploration also includes round-trip transportation from select hotels in San Juan and all entrance fees.

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